Tube processing made easy

Tube processing made easy

July 2019

With the ByTube 130, Bystronic is launching a brand new laser cutting system that offers manufacturing companies an easy entry into tube processing – a field of business with a bright future.

In the past, many metal processing job shops and original equipment manufacturers have limited their operations to the processing of sheet metal. In doing so, they have missed out on sales opportunities. With the new ByTube 130 laser cutting system, manufacturing companies can now gain access to new customer groups. After all, the fields of application for tubes are very diverse: from the automotive and construction industries right through to furniture, machine, and equipment manufacturers. Exploiting this market potential is critical to success in the metal processing business.

The ByTube 130 is the optimal solution for sheet metal processing companies that want to expand their portfolio. The automated system reduces the need for manual interventions to a minimum and thus makes the entry into the field of tube processing particularly easy. At the same time, the machine covers a very wide range of requirements: Since 85 percent of the market potential lies in the small tube segment, the ByTube 130 is geared toward the processing of tubes with diameters between 10 and 130 millimeters. The machine has a loading capacity of 17 kilograms per meter. The 2D cutting head allows a large proportion of customer requests to be processed, since vertical cuts account for 90 percent of the market.

Fiber laser ensures speed and flexibility

The wide processing spectrum offers users the flexibility required to process a diverse range of orders. In addition, the ByTube 130 has the potential to substitute complex and cost-intensive processing steps: A growing number of manufacturing companies are discovering laser cutting as an alternative to the two separate processes of sawing and drilling. The fiber laser performs both at once – and considerably faster. Thanks to clean cutting edges, deburring is also a thing of the past. This not only results in reduced labor costs, the higher throughput speeds also reduce the costs per part, which constitutes a huge advantage in the competition for the best price.

Available in two performance levels – 2 or 3 kilowatts – the fiber laser aggregate of the ByTube 130 excels with outstanding energy efficiency. While fiber laser technology has already established itself for the cutting of sheet metal, it is now also gaining popularity in the field of tube processing with thin and thicker material thicknesses. The consistent cutting quality is another compelling argument in favor of fiber laser technology. Due to its shorter wavelength compared to CO2 laser technology, it has no problems with highly reflective non-ferrous metals, such as copper and brass.

Users thus benefit from three key advantages: variety of material, efficiency, and cutting precision. Because those companies that process a wide variety of materials, meet tight deadlines, and deliver consistently high quality stay ahead in the competition for orders.

Software turns beginners into pros

Visualizing parts and models, creating cutting plans, and monitoring production processes: State-of-the-art sheet metal processing is not possible without high-performance software. With the new ByVision Tube user interface, Bystronic combines all the functions relating to the laser cutting of tubes on a single touch screen. Even entry-level users without extensive experience can immediately start producing with the ByTube 130. Cutting jobs are set up rapidly, and the interface is highly intuitive.

ByVision Tube is based on the proven Bystronic ByVision software, which Bystronic uses on all its sheet metal cutting and bending systems. Existing customers will thus find it particularly easy to navigate. The intuitive software supports new users with the import and creation of cutting plans, which ensures the straightforward handling of cutting sequences on the ByTube 130. Whether small series or large orders, thanks to ByVision Tube, users move from the incoming order to the delivery of the finished parts in a quick and efficient workflow.

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