FL 300

FL 300

The tube laser for highest demands on productivity and flexibility

  • Outstanding cutting quality right up to high material thicknesses: The CO₂ laser technology achieves excellent cutting edges with minimal scoring. In addition to straight cutting edges, the 3D cutting head also enables bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees. This versatility eliminates the need for costly milling, drilling, punching, or sawing processes
  • Wide spectrum of applications: Users cut steel, stainless steel and aluminum in diameters between 20 and 305 millimeters and workpiece lengths up to 12.5 meters
  • Flexible loading from bundle loading or from chain loading system for open profiles. Subsequently, the precise clamping of the tubes and profiles ensures high-precision processing
  • Intelligent unloading increases system productivity and reduces downtime when removing finished parts
  • For longer workpieces, the unloading system’s controllable axes enable any type of tube or profile to be clamped during processing
M3 model series

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