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The ByTube Star 130 enables a quick and easy entry into tube processing with innovative fiber laser technology. Intelligent material handling during loading and unloading, fully automatic set up also with open profiles and ellipses, an additional linear axis (Quick Cut) and an intuitive user interface ensure precise and rapid results. Manual interventions are reduced to a minimum. This saves time and speed-up your tube laser business.

Quality and performance in one machine – now also for open sections.

Your Benefits

Performance and Quality in one feature

Performance and quality in one feature

Of particular interest for the small tube processing segment: The ByTube Star 130 is the only fiber laser for this sector that has a Quick Cut function. Therefore it is the ultimate solution for machining smaller tubes.

Performance and Quality in one feature

More profit per piece

With the ByTube Star 130 your profit per piece increases. This is guaranteed - in addition to the technology-related reduction in operating costs - by faster throughput times of the laser thanks to automated settings and intelligent material handling.

Performance and Quality in one feature

On-site service

We offer quick and reliable support to ensure a smooth production. Our worldwide service network makes sure that our experts can be on site to provide the unrestricted performance of your machines.

ByTube Star 130 technical data

ByTube Star


Min. Tube length (with automatic loading)

2500 mm

Max. Tube length

6500 – 8500 mm

Max. Tube weight

17 kg/m

Tube sections

U C L O £ 0

Dimensions round sections (min. – max.)

Ø 10 – 130 mm

Dimensions square sections (min.–max.) 

10 x 10 – 130 x 130 mm

Dimensions other closed sections (min.–max. length of the sides)

Ø 10 – 130 mm

Dimension angles (L) with equal and unequal legs (min.–max.)

19–120 mm

Dimension channels, UPN, UPE (min.–max.)

19–127 mm

Dimension flat bars

40 × 5–130 × 10 mm

Max. linear speed of axis X / Y / Z

200 / 60 / 60 m/min

Max. rotation speed of mandrels

250 r.p.m.

Available unloading lengths

2000 – 4000 – 6100 mm

Number of controlled axis


Machine weight*

12 000 kg

Control interface

ByVision Tube

* Entire plant without extraction, cooling unit and bowl feeder

More flexibility and quality for your production

Replace time-consuming drilling, sawing, milling or punching with automatic and precise cutting. Whether tubes in round, square or rectangular shapes or profiles in various open cross-sections: ByTube Star 130 is cutting quickly, automatically, and precisely. Thanks to fully automatic setup, you save time for the cutting process. This means more safety for your employees, no downtime for setup and more productive cutting time.

Cutting precision for small and large batches

An additional linear axis of the cutting head (Quick Cut) guarantees maximum speed and quality under all cutting conditions. This enables you to achieve precise results even with very small tubes from a diameter of 10 millimeters.

This is what the ByTube Star 130 
can do for you

The ByTube Star 130 is an energy-efficient tube processing solution for customers who consider tube laser cutting as a promising alternative to sawing and drilling. Thanks to individual machine configuration, logistical processes can be optimized, because depending on the material flow the machine can be used on the left-hand or right-hand side. The intuitive user interface and fully automatic workflow management make it easy to get started and control all processes transparently.

An automatic bundle loading system replaces manual operations and ensures a faster work.

Laserscan, active tube support and Quick Cut guarantee maximum efficiency and cutting precision. The Laserscan and the active tube support are responsible for real-time compensation of tube bending, ensuring absolute precision - regardless of material quality. The Quick Cut function combines performance and quality thanks to the linear axis of the cutting head.

Automatic weld seam detection: the laser's ability to detect the exact position of the weld seam in the inner surface of the tube and align the cut accordingly.

ByTube Star 130 – your ultimate solution for tube processing.

Tube processing with Laser-Technology. 
 We are happy to help!

All features at a glance

Easy material handling

Easy material handling

Mirrored configuration for more space flexibility and optimization of the logistic flow: Loading left / unloading right.

Customized configuration

Customized configuration

Laserscan, Quick Cut and Weld seam detection increase the production quality.

Active tube support

Active tube support

Stands for high cutting precision also, for low quality material.

Intelligent software

Intelligent software

Proven and tested Bystronic software „ByVision Tube for cutting systems.

Intuitive operation

Intuitive operation

Transparent process control and intuitive user interface.

Fully automatic setup

Fully automatic setup

More time for cutting even with open profiles and ellipses.

Services & Support

This characterizes our service

We are here to help. Whether you need location-independent service, training or technical support on site. Our employees support you in all questions regarding the ByTube Star 130.


Easy setup with intelligent software

ByVision Tube is the software which helps you understand all the functions related to the laser cutting of tubes on a touchscreen. Even without previous experience. From the visualization of parts and models to the creation of cutting plans and the monitoring of the manufacturing process - the setup is quickly done and the interface intuitively understandable.

Tube processing with Laser-Technology. 
 We are happy to help!

We will be happy to answer your questions regarding tube processing with laser technology. Contact us for a consultation.

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